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Volunteer of the Month | Rollie Roessner

Rollie is our Volunteer of the Month! He helps out with coaching in our Aquatics Department and has showed tremendous support to our team in the most humble way. Rollie goes out of his way to help those around him, and we are forever grateful to him and other volunteers who dedicate their time and resources to our cause. Thank you for all you do, Rollie!

Learn more about Rollie below, and give him a high five if you see him around!


  1. How long at the Y? 8 months
  2. Favorite thing about working at the Y: The people, everyone that I meet and coach are incredible individuals
  3. Greatest accomplishment:  Helping to raise our 4 daughters and meeting the love of my life, my wife Judy.
  4. Motto: “Never going to give you up, never going to let you down” – Rick Astley
  5. Favorite Austin Activity/Hot Spot: The “Y”, duh!
  6. Favorite Movie: Apocalypse Now
  7. Cats or Dogs: We have 3 dogs and 2 cats, so I would have to say that I am a crazy ‘pet’ person.