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Swim Lessons & Swim League

08/27/2018 - 6:00pm
Members & Non-Members


We have lessons and league avaiable for this FALL!  We have extended our lessons and SWIM LEAGUE for the fall!  The lessons are as follows and if you would like more onformation please click the "CLICK HERE" in blue for your lesson of choice!

CLICK HERE for August 27th-August 30th Ages 3-12

CLICK HERE for September10th- September20th Ages 3-5

CLICK HERE for September 10th-September 20th Ages 5-12

CLICK HERE for September 24th-October 4th Ages 3-5

CLICK HERE for September 24th- October 4th Ages 5-12


For Private Swim Lessons CLICK HERE or call our Welcome Staff @ 512-321-9622

Swim league will be goign through the fall as well!  For your more seasoned swimmers and for further stroke training register your swimmer for SWIM LEAGUE!

If you haev any questions or need ANY  help at all, please come by our office @ 1112 Mian St.

We would love to see your face!