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Staff Spotlight: Tiera Johnson, Youth and Family Director!

This month, we'd like to shine the spotlight on Tiera, our new Youth and Family Director!

Let's get to know her a little bit, in her own words:


“I took swim lessons with the Y, and that was the first time I ever used the Y. That was actually here, we used to go to the Southwest Y. I used to take swim lessons, then in middle school, high school, and college, I didn’t spend much time at the Y. I started as a Learning Center Site Lead at the Y as my first job out of college. I oversaw one of the YMCA Learning Centers, which is pretty much like free afterschool care for the residents at income-based apartment complexes. Then I moved into an administration job with the Y in an office. I loved it because I really love the people that work at the Y. There are a lot of different kinds of people that work for the Y. They all have their own reasons for being here, but there is a common thread: they all want to help people or make a difference or create a community. So they all have a very genuine reason for being here, which makes it more enjoyable to me.

The other thing I love is the community that the Y creates. I like to see the impact that we are able to make on kids and on their families. I have a soft spot for youth and how they can be molded into almost anything. Being able to be a part of that is a very big thing for me, and I feel like the Y is a good place to do that. That helped keep me here year after year.

I moved to this new role at North Austin because I missed seeing people every day. Working in an office, you start getting cabin fever. You get antsy. I missed being able to see what the Y does every day. I want to be in the middle of everything that’s going on, day to day. And to be able to see the programs that are being run, and the people that come in every day. You don’t get to see that when you are in an office. Also, North Austin is my most ideal Y branch just because of the neighborhood and the community. It’s one of the most diverse communities and it is a community where there are a lot of established people and a lot of new people. I love that there are people who have been here for years and years, and it’s their community and they really care about it.

So I am excited for this new challenge! In this role there are almost endless possibilities for doing new and different things. I know that can be exhausting and very challenging, but I kind of look forward to that challenge. I look forward to being able to hopefully create things that will be a little bit different.  I like the challenge of figuring out what people want, or what is needed, and hopefully actually being able to fill that void. I’m hopeful that I’m actually successful. We’ll see. That’s the most exciting thing. It’s probably also the scariest thing, but it’s also exciting.”


Welcome to our team, Tiera! We can't wait to see all that you accomplish!

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