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National Volunteer Week: April 23-29


Happy National Volunteer Week! In 1844, George Williams launched the YMCA movement in London as a volunteer, and his example persists in the expansion of the Y across the globe. In the United States, early YMCA programs were run almost entirely by volunteers.

Here at the TownLake branch, we have a variety of volunteers ranging in age and experience who are all dedicated to giving back to a good cause – whether that’s Chet who coaches a soccer team, Bill who helps out with Annual Giving Campaign, Diana supporting our Senior Retreat program, Rollie coaching a swim team, or the hundreds of others who help out on a daily basis to strengthen our community and provide a safe space for everyone.

We are so sincerely grateful to have new volunteers walk through our doors each day with a genuine passion for giving back, so thank all of you for the hard work you’ve done over the years and your dedication to ensuring everyone has a meaningful experience when they come to the Y.

If you are interested in joining our cause, we would love to have your help! We have recently brought a new Volunteer Coordinator on board who we are excited to introduce – Michelle “Michie” Reid – who will be your resource guru and point of contact for volunteer opportunities. Feel free to reach out with questions at, or view our current volunteer opportunities here.

Ready to register and get started? Sign up on Volunteer Matters and email Michie a confirmation once complete so she can provide next steps.