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March Program Spotlight: Personal Training with Mark and Alice

This March, we'd like to shine a spotlight on our Personal Training program by sharing the story of a fantastic Personal Training Duo!
Mark (the trainer) and Alice (the trainee) have been working together for 3 years now! 


First, we'll hear from Mark:

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“I’ve been a personal trainer for 5 or 6 years. I started at the North Park YMCA as a gym monitor, and I was good friends with Daniel, who was the personal trainer, and so he kind of got me into it a little bit. More than anything, I just enjoyed working in the gym.

I like seeing change in people and I like seeing them grow. I like the almost therapist aspect that you get to be as a trainer. You see these people throughout so many different phases of their life, especially when you train with someone for two or three years. So a lot can happen in two or three years: you see them on their good days, their bad days, you know their troubles and their work stuff. Those relationships are really cool to have. Especially with someone who was a complete stranger beforehand. And so that’s what keeps me in it. Just being able to take one person and mold them to be a little better and be with them mentally and physically is really cool. I like to train their mind as well as well as their body. I always tell them, “I’m inside your head!” That’s how I do it; I gotta get inside your head. Change comes from the inside and motivating a person is multifaceted. There are so many parts to being a personal trainer, but the personal part is what’s best.

The relationships with my clients are what keeps me doing it... and also this YMCA. I love the people here. I’ve been here forever, so it’s just like my little community.”


“Alice is a lot of fun. Alice is very intelligent, and she’s the principal of a school. So she’s a very professional woman, and it’s so much fun to see the other side of her that people don’t get to see: her workout intensity and her drive to be better. It’s just cool to see. And also, she’s got a really great personality. We’ve got a really similar personality, so we can always joke and push her to do things she thought she couldn’t do.” Part 2/4



Next, we'll hear from Alice:


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“I did youth sports at the Y when I was little. I had been a member of the Townlake YMCA about 10 years ago, but when I moved up north I stopped going. Then I found out that this branch had been renovated and redone, and I did not want to go to some hard-core gym. So about three or four years ago I enrolled back here. I like the community feel of a Y.

I started doing personal training because otherwise I would find reasons to not work out. You have to be responsible to your personal trainer. A class is easy to skip to because it goes on whether you are there or not, but you have to communicate with your trainer, so it keeps you more honest about coming in and working out. It’s more about keeping me honest in my workout more than anything.

I definitely feel stronger since I started. It’s not every day that I notice a difference, but when I have to do things like hiking with students at school, I know my endurance is better. I feel better, I feel stronger, and so I just overall feel better over these last couple of years.”


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“Working with Mark is great! This is the 3rd year that I’ve been working with Mark, and he works me hard, but he’s super friendly. Even when he’s working me hard, I don’t get mad or frustrated because he’s fun and honest and friendly and encouraging and everything you’d want. I don’t think I’d respond very well to a sergeant-like, boot camp style trainer.

I’ve been lucky, too. Mark has been very flexible with my crazy schedule. I’m not pinned in to one day and one time; we’ve picked a couple training times so we can always make it work. So one week, if I have a meeting on Wednesday, we’ll train on Tuesday, and vice-versa. The personal training program allows for people who need a little more flexibility with their schedule to still get in a consistent workout and have that accountability. It probably has kept me at the Y longer. I might have petered out had I not had a connection with Mark here.”



Thank you to Mark and Alice for sharing their story! We hope you guys will enjoy happy and fruitful training for years to come!

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