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It's Not Just Kid Stuff!


Every Monday you are in store for a great adventure! Whether it be line dancing, bingo or games with friends on a rainy day. Come and join us in our new adventures every Monday at 1:30pm. This program is for anyone and EVERYONE!

Each month the schedule goes like this:

1st Monday is "Let's Dance!"  We could be line dancing, belly dancing or even break dancing!  Ok, so maybe not break dancing.  But each week will bring some kind of fun movement opportunity that will make you laugh and get your steps in!!

2nd Monday is "Let's Play!"  Do you like card games?  Board games?  Or do you just enjoy the social time while playing?  We have a lot of fun learning new games, teaching others old games and just great gab sessions!

3rd Monday is "Let's Be Creative!"  Creative could mean art, cooking, creative solution finding, dance or just plain fun!  You will walk away knowing something new...and creative!

4th Monday is Anniversary and Birthday Celebration time!  We celebrate in all sorts of ways and mostly it's eating!  We might be tasting new foods, sharing a potluck or sharing cookies!  Fun, Food and Friends, what could be better!/!!

5th Monday is Bingo!  We will have the prizes.  You just need to bring your winning spirit!


The member socials are held at the Kerr Center located at 1308 Walnut Street.  These events are free!  And no registration is required.

Time is 1:30 to 2:30 (sometimes we might go a tad longer)


Contact Jo Everheart @ for questions or concerns.


Call or come by our office at 1112 Main Street any weekday between 10am and 5:30pm if you have any questions.  Or just give us a call at (512) 321-9622.


*Please check our Mobile App (Google Play Store | iOS App Store) for complete information on the group exercise class schedule, and to see any instructor substitues.