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Healthy Mind & Spirit Programs

A group of adults sit in a circle, having a discussion.
TownLake YMCA

At the YMCA, part of our mission includes serving your mind and spirit, and we’re bringing more programs to our branch that help do just that!

We’re welcoming back to our schedule some popular programs from the past-- both the monthly Joys and Concerns Circle, and our Single Parent Support Group!

Learn more about each below, and please contact Erin Water at if you have any additional questions!


Joys and Concerns Circle
10:30am, on the second Tuesday of each month
Starting September 10, 2019

Have you lost a loved one? Are you celebrating a new job? Are you worried about the state of the world, thankful to be alive, or some of both? Would you like to feel more connected here at the Y?

You are not alone.

Everyone is welcome at our monthly Joys and Concerns Circle! This is a time to connect and share from the heart about what is going on in your life. We practice loving, uninterrupted listening, without trying to "fix" each other -- a rare gift in our busy lives.

Our interfaith chaplain and YMCA Community Engagement Director, Rev. Erin Walter, leads the Joys and Concerns Circle.


Single Parents Group
Time and Date: TBD. Please contact Erin at the link below to give your preference!

By popular demand, the Single Parents Group is returning this fall!

If you are a single parent and would like to build community and support with other single parents, please email and let Community Engagement Director Erin Walter know what your interests and availability are:

  • Do you prefer evenings or weekends?
  • Would you like to meet up just adults while kids are in Child Watch or would you like do a family activity including the kids?
  • Are you looking for emotional support, social activities, or some of both?
  • Would you be willing to be an organizer or co-leader of the group?

We look forward to your input as we seek to make this group most supportive for YOU!