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Garden with Us!

North Austin Community Garden
$37.50 to $90 for the Year


Gardening is not only good for your diet, but it's also great for mental and physical health. There is something so very calming about working the soil with your hands, and something so very zen about watching the little seeds you sowed sprout and grow.

Lucky for us, it's about to be prime Spring planting season. Couple that with all your New Years Resolutions about eating better and getting exercise, and that makes NOW the perfect time to get a plot at the North Austin Community Garden!

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The North Austin Community Garden is located at the COA/YMCA North Austin Community Recreation Center, and opened in March of 2014. Since then, it has been going strong ever since! There are currently about 47 raised garden beds (with more to come soon!), rented by local gardeners and fresh food enthusiasts. Each gardener is in charge of caring for their own plot, and also helping to care for the community areas of the garden (through monthly service hours and workdays). They also provide all of the basic tools you should need for caring for your garden! They are available on site, so there is no need to carry your shovel and wheelbarrow to and from the garden!


If you are interested in getting a garden plot at the North Austin Community Garden, you can register in person at the COA/YMCA North Austin or online by clicking the links below.

There are currently four types of plots available:

Garden plots will be awarded on a first come, first serve basis. ADA accessible garden beds are reserved for people who need the extra accessibility.

As with all YMCA programming, financial aid is available on a sliding-scale based on income. For more information about applying for financial aid, please contact usa at 512-973-9622.


For more information about what is expected of garden members and how the garden is run, please see the following documents:

Have more questions? Contact Robin for more information!

You can stay up to date on our North Austin Community Garden Facebook page.