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Free Fitness for Kids!!!

These dance classes are FREE to members of the YMCA!! We have 3 different classes to offer children from ages 3-12.  We have 3 different classes, 3 different time slots and 3 different time for SUPER DUPER FUN!!!  Bring you child down to boogy with us while they let loose some of that Summer time Energy that they've been saving up!

Our list of classes:

Monkey Moves Crew

9am-9:50am EVERY Tuesday

Ages 3-6

Groovy Crew

9am-9:50am EVERY Thursday

Ages 6-12

Kids Dance Fit

4:15pm-5:00pm EVERY Thursday!!

Ages 4-11 


These classes are held at the Kerr Center, located at 1308 Walnut St. 

For more information, please call our Welcome Staff at: 512-321-9622