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Flip Flop Into Fall

10/02/2019 - 5:30pm
Main Street
$30 Members $60 NonMembers

The Bastrop YMCA offer a variety of gymnastics classes for your little flippers!

All gymnastics classes are located at our Main Street location.

Parent & Me Gymnastics:

A parent or caregiver will be needed as an "assistant" to help coach your little tot. This is a great transitional class. We will work on gross motor skill development & and basic, fun gymnastics skills. This class will prep your child to later work independently in our preschool gymnastics classes. This is also great for the child that still prefers to have their parent close by and needs extra guidance. This is a fun, interactive 45 minute class.


CLICK HERE for Thursday Oct. 3-24 9:30-10:20AM Class


Preschool Gymnastics:

This class is designed for ages 3-5 years. Using their unique imagination and playfulness we'll make your child will want to return again and again. Log rolls, donkey kicks, forward/backward rolls, and hanging like a monkey on the bar are just a few of the things your child will be doing. Monthly registration is required.

$30 Members/$60NonMembers

CLICK HERE for Wednesday Oct. 2-23 5:30-6:20PM Class

CLICK HERE for Thursday Oct. 3-24 5:30-6:20 Class


Gymnastics Level 1:

No gymnastics experience required. All children progressing from preschool gymnastics classes must start in Level 1. The gymnast will develop strength, flexibility and coordination all while having a fun experience. They will be introduced to bars, balance beam, floor, and the concept of vault. Cartwheels, handstands, forward/backward rolls are just a few of the skills they will master as they progress through Level 1.

CLICK HERE for Wednesday Oct. 2-23 6:30-7:30PM Class

CLICK HERE for Thursday Oct. 3-24 6:30-7:20PM Class


For any questions or help regsitering please give our Main Street office a call at (512)321-9622.


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