We Can Do This


“We can do this!” said Amy Herndon, TownLake Group Exercise instructor. Amy has been teaching class with a mask for over a month now and has offered tips to other Austin YMCA instructors and members who may be struggling with the combination of exercise and face coverings.

Per the Governor’s order requiring masks while indoors, YMCA classes all look a bit different this year. However, Amy’s mantra of “we can do this” is propelling us forward with hope and determination as we continue to find new ways to stay active.

Here are some of Amy’s tips for masked workouts:

First and most importantly, staff and member well-being is top priority. Whenever you need to, pull your mask down briefly to take a few deeper breaths while staying in your assigned area. Take a knee if you need to. Replace your mask before continuing movement.

Find the right mask for you. Many brands such as Reebok and Under Armour sell high-performance masks. However, the standard surgical masks are easier to breath in compared to cloth. You may find one works better for you than the others. Keep trying until you find the right masks for you.

Bring multiple masks. Especially in high-cardio classes where you may sweat a lot, it doesn’t matter what brand of mask you have, you will need more than one mask, Amy says. Sweat can prevent the mask from being breathable which will make you more uncomfortable. Come to class with 3-4 masks to switch out.

“It’s not too tough. It’s not easy, it’s not comfy, but we can do this!” says Amy. “Please reach out if you have any questions.” Ask your local Y branch or your favorite group exercise instructor for their tips too! We are in this together.

Click here for information about different kinds of masks for exercise.


Jessica Weiss
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