Top 5 Reasons to Get Moving This Winter

You will boost your mood.

  • Exercise has been proven to help with depression and anxiety. Why deny it? If it works, then give it a shot. You are not yourself when you are down, and those around you will seek to be in your company even more if you’re working on your happiness.

Goals will become more attainable.

  • The harder you work at your goals, and the more time you spend accomplishing them, the easier it will be to set a goal and cross it off your list. Looking to travel more? Take a look at a website like Jauntaroo where you can select your vacation interests and the site will generate a destination for you. Then buy the ticket and take the ride (thanks Jack Kerouac for that timeless advice). Want to learn how to swing dance? This city is FILLED with different opportunities for you to learn how to swing – then once you conquer that, you can tackle salsa! Treat yourself to a new dress or pair of shoes and go out – you deserve it.

You will attract other like-minded, healthy people.

  • Healthy attracts healthy. Whether you’re new to the city or looking to broaden your group of friends, the more you focus on bettering yourself, the more you’ll find yourself surrounded with people who inspire and grow with you.

You’ll get that blood pumping, which will make your workouts all the more effective.

  • We all know you need to break a little sweat to get a good workout in. Don’t be afraid to go all out. We do have showers.

It won’t feel so dang cold outside!

  • These days are chilly ones, so instead of layering 10 sweaters deep, how about you go for a nice run in the morning to watch the sun rise or a refreshing swim in our indoor pool? You’ll feel a thousand times better after taking care of yourself before starting your day. 
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