Thank you, Hill Country Middle School volunteers!

By Michelle “Michie” Reid

TownLake YMCA Volunteer Coordinator

On Friday, April 26, students from Hill Country Middle School volunteered at the TownLake Y for their Community Project Day. It was a special experience for the students, teachers, and our Y community.

After arriving, the volunteers took photos by the stunning banner created especially for them by Child Watch team member Lorena Endaira Lopez, who is also a talented artist.

Students and teachers explored the facility with TownLake’s Associate Executive Director Jude Hickey, who is renowned for what we call the Cause-Driven Tour. The volunteers were in awe of all the programs the Y offers and the work that the Y does for youth development, healthy living, and social responsibility in the community.

The enthusiasm was mutual. The Hill Country Middle School volunteers made quite an impression while here. Many members stopped by the volunteer check-in table throughout the day and spoke with me about their love for the volunteer program.

During their time at the TownLake Y, the students split into four areas of volunteering:

- Child Watch, where they interacted, played and read to young children;

-Story-catching, where they interviewed members around TownLake about their experiences at the Y;

- Welcome Center, where students warmly greeted members as they arrived and departed;

- Fitness spaces, where students swept, wiped down gym equipment, dusted, and cleaned surfaces and windows

As their time at TownLake came to a close, the whole group gathered together again to visit with participants of the Senior Retreat program, for people with Alzheimer’s and dementia. The students and seniors talked, bantered with one another, played games, and participated in the sing-along during the musical section of the program. 




Health Living Coordinator Elizabeth Doss and her team did a great job accommodating the large group of volunteers, thus ensuring all felt welcomed and that the Senior Retreat participants did not feel overwhelmed. As a matter of fact, when it was time for the students to go, one senior exclaimed, “You are not leaving already, are you?”

The Hill Country Middle School Volunteers ROCKED it! Their incredible positive energy and phenomenal team work, coupled with their selfless and active participation, was impactful and appreciated. Check out the TownLake Community Board in the lobby for wonderful letters from the students. Thank you so much, Hill Country students!

Want to volunteer too? The TownLake team would love your help with our upcoming Summer Mini Camps. Volunteers will have the opportunity to interact with and inspire young people in lots of fun and joyous ways!

Interested in volunteering at the TownLake Y?  Please reach out to Volunteer Coordinator Michelle “Michie” Reid at





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