Stories From the TownLake Super Member All-Star Highlight Board

Members and staff, have you checked out the TownLake SMASH board lately? This is the board in the lobby where we leave colorful post-it notes with compliments about Super Member All-Star Highlights. Here are just a few wonderful notes from June:


“Emma the swim coach for always being positive and helping my little daughter Miami feel confident in her herself. So much love!!”


“Jared (YMCA) and Mary (member) keep me motivated to come MWF at 5:30!! Who does that!?!? Thank you for always being awesome. - J”


“Thank you Child Watch staff. My son Mateo loves you! - Catherine”


“Body Pump is the highlight of my week - thank you!”


“I appreciate the unseen heroes who keep this place looking nice and smelling clean.”


“Thank you to the coach, referee, etc with the 4-5 yr olds. They were very kind and the kids really had fun. Way 2 go!!


“The free coffee made me cry the first time. I felt so cared about. Grateful for all who bought it.”


“You always say hi. Thank you.”


“Parents Night Out saves marriages. Thank you!”


Stop by and read them all, or leave some love for a member who made your day! Shout out to the East Communities branch of our Austin YMCA, who started the SMASH board with member highlights in their branch. Check out one of their SMASHers here.




Erin Walter
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