Save Lives This Blood Donor Month


Help save lives this January during National Blood Donor Month. The supply of blood available to hospitals has decreased significantly due to the ongoing pandemic and public health crisis. Our community partners at We Are Blood state that the need for blood currently exceeds supply, and there is an ongoing shortage of blood in Central Texas. 

Why do hospitals need blood? 

Blood donations are needed for surgeries, for treatment of chronic illnesses and for traumatic injuries. When hospitals don’t have enough blood, serious procedures are delayed, and critical care is compromised. Blood cannot be manufactured, so the only way hospitals are able to supply blood is through generous donations from people like you.  

How is the blood used? 

Donated blood has many uses. Whole blood is needed for traumatic injuries like motor vehicle accidents. A single car accident victim may need 100 pints of blood! Blood platelets help to stop bleeding and aid in healing for people who undergo surgeries. One in every three people will need a blood transfusion during our lifetimes. 

How can I help?  

We Are Blood provides blood and platelets to over 40 hospitals and clinics in ten central Texas counties, so when you donate, you are helping to protect friends, neighbors and family members right here in your community. The current blood needs exceed capacity, and donations are encouraged at mobile blood drives and at next available appointments at donor centers. 

YMCA members have a rich history of donating blood during our regularly scheduled drives throughout the year. Outside of those drives, members may donate by using the We Are Blood scheduling form. O+ blood is the most widely needed blood type, but A+, B+, AB+ and AB- are also recommended. Schedule your appointment today – it’s easy and convenient, and it’ll help save the life of someone in your community! 

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