Safe Ways to Celebrate 4th of July


As 4th of July public celebrations are canceled across the country, friends and families have added home barbecues and campouts to their calendar. Given the current events with COVID-19, it is especially important that everyone stays safe during this time, and that means we need to be extra creative with ways to celebrate this year. Coming up short on how to celebrate while social distancing and staying safe? See our ideas below!   

  • Skip the fireworks – We know, we know. It’s tradition! But even though fireworks shows are being canceled, buying home fireworks is an unnecessary risk. Every 4th of July, emergency rooms are crowded with people who have been injured by accidents with fireworks. While we never want anyone to get hurt, it’s especially important to avoid trips to already overwhelmed hospitals right now. Instead, try tuning in to one of the many fireworks shows that will be televised live.
  • Have a socially distanced block party – Whether you’re in a house or an apartment, reach out to your neighbors about putting up decorations, playing some music, and celebrating with each other from afar.
  • Make 4th of July themed food - Food has always been an important part of celebrations, and while we may not be able to gather and share, we can still enjoy the food and the nostalgia that comes with it. See this list of red, white, and blue recipes for ideas. Don’t forget to order your groceries for curbside or delivery!
  • Think virtual – Many museums and historical sites are showcasing their buildings and property to the public to experience at home in lieu of the public gathering together for a tour.
  • Get crafty – There are lots of different 4th of July themed craft activities out there to enjoy for both kids and adults. Start out simple by making a popsicle stick flag with the kids. You can use paint, markers, glitter, and more! Or, for an adult version, paint a flag on the slats of a wood pallet.

As an added bonus: The holiday falls on a Saturday this year which means you have an entire weekend to celebrate and plan as many activities as possible!


Have a wonderful and safe 4th of July!


Jessica Weiss
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