Personal Training leads to the Adventure of a Lifetime

Y member Jane Hayman is a testament to what many personal training clients know: One-on-one support can transform not just your body but your life. 

Hayman was preparing for a trip to Africa last year and had a goal to see a particular group of gorillas in the wild in Rwanda.

“They live in families on the side of a volcano and in order to visit them you have to climb the side of the volcano,” Hayman said. ”That is what motivated me to get some help.”

Hayman, 67, knew she would be the eldest member of her six-person travel group,  and that the climb would be strenuous. 

“I climbed mountains in my younger years, but I hadn’t done anything like that in a long time,” she said. ”My trainer Alicia Robinson — she got it. She understood the fact that I needed cardio and strength capabilities and that’s what we focused on. I also thought that she recognized I’m not 30. She pushed but in a way that was right for me.”

Hayman, an animal lover, said it was a spiritual experience to see the gorillas in their natural habitat, living in families as humans do. Hayman was also excited to visit Africa, as she has volunteered as a host for fellows from the Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders when cohorts come to Austin to study at the University of Texas in the summers. (Click here for more on the fellowship and the YMCA’s connection to that program.)

TownLake YMCA Health & Wellness Director Marybeth Idoux sang Hayman and Robinson’s praises for their work together and shared photos that Hayman sent to the Y in celebration of her success.

“Strength training is not Jane’s favorite activity, and she felt she wasn’t going to be strong enough to handle the rigorous terrain. Here are a few of her pictures she shared with us. As you can tell she conquered the terrain and meet some beautiful gorillas in the natural habitat. The smile on Jane’s face she put the work in to enjoy the awesome experience. This is what personal training is all about! Way to go, Jane, and great job, Alicia!”

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