Ovenless Meals for Summer


With summer heating everything up, one thing you might be avoiding heating up is the oven. Keeping the oven off helps keep your house cool, which is a must during a Texas summer. But don’t think that ovenless meals have to be boring. We’ve compiled a list of ovenless meals we think your family will love.  

Breakfast for Dinner It’s hard to go wrong with breakfast for dinner, especially when the options seem endless. Waffles, pancakes, and omelettes are just a few breakfast meals that don’t require the oven. Another idea is a build-your-own-breakfast-sandwich bar! Let your kids create their own sandwich, with options like bacon, eggs, avocado, cheese, sausage, and anything else you like. 

Taco Salads The only thing you need to cook for this meal is the meat, unless you decide to go meatless. You could always heat up black beans for your protein, and enjoy a super easy ovenless meal. This is a great way for your kids to get veggies in, too. Top your salad with fresh salsa, corn, lettuce, onion, and avocado for all the nutrients!

Hawaiian BBQ Skewers Nothing says summertime like a grilled dinner. If you don’t feel like firing up the grill, these easy Hawaiian BBQ Skewers can easily be made in a skillet as well. These kabobs are topped with a sriracha honey butter, the perfect finishing touch for a meal that will quickly become a family favorite.

Mexican Style Chicken Sliders These chicken sliders have a twist we think you’ll love, and they’re so easy to make! You’ll make the patties with ground chicken, diced onion, jalapenos, chili powder, and garlic. Once you form and cook the patties, top with cheese, salsa, and a bun on top. Bon appetit! 

Veggie Pizza Switch your traditional pizza Friday up with this summery veggie pizza. You’ll replace pizza crust with naan, and top that with onion cream cheese and your favorite veggies (or whatever you have in the fridge). You could also make smaller, individual veggie pizzas with pita bread. Your kids might love getting to create their very own edible masterpiece.

Do you have a go-to ovenless meal for summertime? Comment below and let us know what it is! 


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