Meet the Y: Nola

It’s 2pm on Thursday, August 10, 2017 at our 1112 Main Street Office. I have scheduled to meet with Nola Linn, one of our loyal volunteers to pick her brain on why she is so committed to the Bastrop YMCA.

I started with, “Nola - Why do you volunteer for the Bastrop YMCA?” Her answer was simple: “I love helping people, and the Y is a place that helps people. When I first moved to Bastrop, I wasn’t ready to go straight into the homeschool community, but I knew I could find help at the Y. My daughter Serena took swimming lessons at age four at the Sacramento Y, so I’ve been involved with the Y for a while.”  Let’s make note of the fact that Nola’s family is very involved with the Y: eldest daughter Serena is 19 years old and teaches art classes at the Y and youngest daughter Kara, eight years old, participates in just about every activity the Y has to offer. Nola homeschools Kara, so when she moved to Bastrop it was very important for her to connect to people in the community, and she knew the Y was the perfect place.

“How do you think the Bastrop YMCA benefits our community?”

“It has classes for all ages – kids and adults. It really brings people together, and friends become family.” Nola is well-known and loved by our Y Staff. She is always there to lend a hand without ever being asked.

“What do you want people to know about the Bastrop YMCA?”

“The staff is great! You can learn new things while still having fun – like we did in Science Explorers!” We both helped at the summer Science Explorers class so we immediately started laughing and recalling all the work put into the projects, including making ice cream. “That ice cream was horrible!” Nola said, to which I replied “I didn’t think it was half bad!” There were no leftovers from the kids, so I would say they’d agree it was tasty. At the Bastrop Y, we always aim to inspire learning, and we always make it fun!

I continued on by asking: “Our community is growing and changing rapidly - what would you like to see in our community?”

Nola’s response: “A facility for the Bastrop Y so we can have all of our programs in one place!” We both agreed that is our goal, and we will get there!

“While volunteering, is there a specific event or time that impacted you the most? In what way?”

“When we plan for holiday events like Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas – those are my favorites. I love holidays and how it brings people together. Kids are a passion of mine, so seeing them have a good time is important to me.”  Nola is on the Bastrop Y Holiday Planning Committee and a lot of work goes into all the events that take place during the holidays. This past year, we were part of and put on multiple events for the community: a booth at the Halloween Trail at Fisherman’s Park, a “Thankful for Diversity Feast” as well as a “Movie Day at the Opera House” where we decorated Christmas cookies and watched The Polar Express.

“In your opinion, why is volunteering important in our community, specifically the Bastrop YMCA?”

“The staff is great but can only do so much. We need people who are passionate about the Y to be there to help. When I was honored for volunteering, there were twenty four of us and the Mayor pointed out that these non-profit organizations couldn’t exist without volunteer’s help.” Nola was just honored by Mayor Connie Schroeder at Bastrop City Hall along with many other community members for their generosity of time. Nola went on to say, “There are so many places in Bastrop that need help. Find what you are passionate about and help!”

Last question: Name at least three of your favorite songs! Go!

Nola immediately said Wake Me Up Before You Go Go  by George Michael! We both let out a “Woo!” – we’re both fans of George Michael. She also revealed the following: “I like Let It Go from Frozen, We Will Rock You by Queen and Sugar by Maroon 5.”

Thank you Nola for your time and dedication to the Bastrop YMCA!

Would you like to join Nola in contributing to our mission? Click here to see all the volunteer opportunities that are available!


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