Meet the Y: Margaret

We’d like to congratulate Margaret Anne, one of our most recent Super Member All-Star Highlight (aka SMASHers*) here at East Communities!

Margaret has been recognized by Clarence (Y Fitness Staff & Trainer) for consistently showing up to the YMCA. At 70+ years old, she is an inspiration! She has been a member at the YMCA for 5 years, and has been lifting weights for 20 years! (Margaret pictured on left, with Clarence on the right).

She is part of our morning gym family, and you’ll often see her in the gym in the morning, wearing her t-shirt with the word “LIFTER” on the back.

When asked what keeps her coming back to the Y, Margaret said, ““Because I love lifting heavy stuff and I love the community.”

Congratulations, Margaret! We are truly inspired by your commitment and healthy lifestyle!

*SMASHers are nominated by staff or other members because they go above and beyond in their efforts & dedication. They are truly an important part of the fabric of our YMCA community, and they deserve some recognition! If you want to leave some encouragement for our SMASHers, stop by our branch and leave a sticky-note of encouragement on the SMASH boards where their bios are on display.

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