Meet the Y: Joe

Joe Jackson has been a member of the TownLake Y since 1973. Prior to signing up for a membership at the TownLake Y, Joe’s mom first signed him up for a membership at the Wichita Falls YMCA in 1950 when he was in 7th grade in efforts to brighten his future with the Y’s program offerings. In 1957, Joe joined the army by choice to carve a path for his own future, where he learned the ins and outs of electronics and became a Missile Maintenance Chief. After 3 years of servicing electronics that were continually undergoing leakage from hydraulics systems, Joe left the army and returned to a life of love with his wife, Carol. They’ve now been together for 55 years. They have 6 kids together and helped all six obtain college degrees.

Joe has always had a love for basketball and has continued his passion for the game throughout his membership at TownLake. Side note and interesting fact: YMCA’s James Naismith invented the game of basketball in 1891!

To this day, Joe is still playing the game at 77 years old. His “Old Timer’s” team holds the winning record of 18 – 2 for the TownLake Y. At the time of this win, Joe was 75 years old, Doc 70, Tom 65, Steve 35, and Chad 36 years old - Their opponents were all in their 20s and 30s. With three players on the team at 65+years old, this proves that age is just a number and come to find out; each of them scored a bucket! Achievements like that do not have an expiration date.


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