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Here at the YMCA, we are always thrilled to hear from members about the empowering, transformative experiences they are having with our staff. Recently, Y member Chris Lay wrote to us singing the praises of yoga teacher Brock Roser. We asked her to share her insights on what makes Brock’s class so special. Chris wrote: As a beginner, I’d never seen the poses and didn’t know their names. I’ve found Brock so deeply focused on us that before I can voice a question, he’s anticipated it. He is not just answering it but also offering variations and reminders that the move may not be right for everyone. Concerned about our safety, he says, “Feel free to do less.” Sometimes he’s urging us to try a little harder by stretching “just a millimeter further,” which, of course, inspires us to try at least 2 millimeters instead. Brock offers a specific topic for us for our focus each day and makes references to it during the hour. Every session, he helps us concentrate on our breath. Identifying the body parts involved in a move, he’s surprised us with some we’ve never heard of.  I appreciate his periodic reminders of what NOT to do if we want to avoid an injury. He keeps an eye out for folks who need to modify a stance to be on the safe side. His sense of humor periodically interrupts all that seriousness and we get some healthy laughs. We are learning ways to calm ourselves in stressful situations. I’m employing more and more of them in my life beyond the Y. I also want to say that I appreciate the way he has us spend a lot of time on holding poses a little longer rather than trying to perform a whole bunch of poses during one class. I think that’s been key to increasing my strength and firming up in what I consider a dramatic way. Finally, no matter how I felt when class began, I always walk out feeling empowered to live a better life. 

Thank you, Chris, and way to go, Brock! …  Would YOU like to sing the praises of Y staff or members? Write to Community Engagement Director Erin Walter at and share your experience. Maybe we’ll put you and your favorite program on the blog too! Thank you, members and staff, for making the YMCA such a special community!

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