Meet the Y: Bastrop Mayor Connie Schroeder

Bastrop, Texas is a beloved town that has continuously grown since 1832, and in all that time has never had a woman serving as Mayor. Until now. 

Mayor Connie Schroeder took office in 2017 and has made it her mission to ensure Bastrop is healthy and prospering. We reached out to our Mayor to discuss her experiences and thoughts on how she sees the Bastrop YMCA contributing to our community. 

JACQUELINE LUCERO: Connie, as the Mayor of Bastrop, Texas, what are the greatest recreational needs you see in our community? 

MAYOR SCHROEDER: As Mayor, the greatest need is access.  That’s one of the reasons I support the YMCA and the “Membership4All” program.  Our community is rich in a broad spectrum of age, interest and ability.  It’s important we have recreational options from toddlers to the elderly.  The other huge need we have is an indoor Olympic pool.  I hope it’s something the YMCA can provide for the community in the near future.  I love the idea of Bastrop ISD having a swim team and the YMCA offering swim lessons.  Leveraging and partnering with all the key players will provide the best possible solution for our citizens.

JL: At the Bastrop YMCA, we are working hard to build a loyal membership base and fulfill the needs of our community. How do you see the Bastrop YMCA fulfilling these needs? 

MS: The YMCA’s “Membership4All” program allows money to not be a factor in participation.  So many folks think they can’t “afford” to let their kids participate in a sport but with this program they can.  Not everyone has time or inclination to make a huge commitment to one sport.  I believe kids like having a recreational option to try out new sports.  We have a great senior community and I know firsthand the “senior strong” program is one of the best attended classes the YMCA offers in Bastrop.

JL: It is our mission to ensure no one is ever turned away due to financial reasons, so our Membership4All is something we are proud to offer everyone. As we grow we will be able to offer more to our members and serve more people. Why is the Bastrop YMCA so important in our community? 

MS: The YMCA brand is known across the nation.  Many people new to the community will ask – “where’s the Y”?  Bastrop is unique in that we currently have a “Y” with no walls.  It’s a concept that seems complicated but once explained that the programs exist but they take place at a variety of venues, then people are glad to be a part of our YMCA.

JL: As a member of the Bastrop YMCA and volunteer yourself, you definitely know firsthand the heart that goes into every class, program and event. Can you discuss your involvement with the Bastrop YMCA before and after you took office? 

MS: I took my first free class several years ago.  Once I met the great instructors and fellow exercise enthusiasts I was hooked.  The class making the biggest impact in my life was the “couch to 5K” – I had never thought of running before in my life and lo and behold I completed my first 5K and discovered I really do enjoy running. I volunteered in the office on Main Street for a few years and enjoyed meeting new people to the community. Since I was elected to office, my involvement has been reduced to student. I attend as many BODYPUMP classes as I can but it’s not as many as I would like to attend. Typical Bastrop, folks are so very friendly and welcoming even if I missed a several classes. I always feel better and sleep better on days when I make class. My goal in 2018 is to make more classes.

JL: Having that sense of community and support is our goal for everyone that walks through our many doors. It’s inspiring to think how one class can make such a big impact – the experience and the people can change us forever. We hope everyone has the similar goal of attending more classes – we’d love to have all of you attend. As you previously stated, many people do ask “Where is the Y?” or “I had no idea we had a Y!” For those who have never participated with us before, what do you want our community to know about the Bastrop YMCA?

MS: I would like the community to know that even though we don’t have a large YMCA building, we do have a YMCA.  There are a variety of programs including nearly every sport. Give it a try – you’ll find a friend and maybe a new interest.

JL: We are passionate about serving others, so we do hope everyone will allow us the opportunity to be a part of their lives. We appreciate the time you have dedicated to helping us reach as many people as possible. We aim to make healthy living, social responsibility and youth development as accessible and fun as possible! Speaking of fun, what are three of your all-time favorite movies? 

MS: Star Wars [Episode IV]. I’m old school and this was the first and will in my mind always be the best. Apollo 13: I grew up near Mission Control and remember when the story happened. “Failure is not an option” is one of the best movie lines ever. Pretty Woman because Julia Roberts and Richard Gere have great chemistry.  The movie reminds all of us that it is what’s in the inside that matters and none of us should settle for mediocrity or sell ourselves short.

Thank you, Connie, for being a Bastrop YMCA member, volunteer, and supporter. We are proud to have you as the mayor of Bastrop and an advocate for our mission!   

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