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Hays Communities YMCA board member Amanda Rickman grew up in Kyle and has committed to serving this community of neighbors. She became a Y member back in 2011 just before her wedding, and she joined because her sister was a member and they both wanted a workout partner. At that time, Amanda thought of the YMCA as simply a gym.

Group exercise classes were Amanda’s preferred way to get moving, and as she attended, she got to know some of the other people in class. Those relationships grew, and she developed lasting friendships with classmates. It was then that Amanda’s perception of the YMCA began to shift, and she saw its role as a vibrant community hub, serving people of all walks of life. She decided to join the board and to become more involved in this organization that builds and supports community.

“It wasn’t until I joined the board that I really understood what the YMCA does and how many people it helps,” Amanda admitted. “I really believe in giving back to my community, and the YMCA is a great way to do that.”

As a board member, Amanda plays a key role in supporting the YMCA’s mission to live a healthy lifestyle, develop youth, and foster social responsibility. She’s most inspired by the free programs the Y offers to some of the most vulnerable among us. “So many things are overlooked that the YMCA does just because people don’t know about them,” and by serving on the board, Amanda hopes to educate others about the ways the Y helps. “The YMCA offers swim lessons for kids and a support group for those going through cancer.”

The YMCA’s goal to never turn anyone away based on an inability to pay really resonates with Amanda. Being on the board has shown her that philanthropy is a huge need, even in a small community like Buda.

Getting involved has opened Amanda’s eyes to how many people in our own community need help. In turn, giving back has become a huge part of Amanda’s life. She’s determined to make sure the Y is able to continue offering programs to people who need them. s

Photo By Monica Brown


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