Meet the Y: Ali and Dottie

Here at the Y, we love hearing about the ways our programs impact people and about the special connections made between staff and members. We adore this kind, thoughtful note from Dottie Hollis to instructor Alison Bravenec. Dottie has been taking Ali’s deep water aqua cardio class for almost three years. She writes …

“Hi, Ali -“Hope your weekend is going nicely.  I did a long bike ride today and had some amazing revelations, all credited to you. “On one stretch of road I was hugging the shoulder by riding the white line and realized I wasn’t ‘working’ to make it happen. I was holding steady. While drinking from a water bottle, I was holding course easier with one hand. Previously I had to stop pedaling and have a death grip on the handlebar to stay straight.  “Later in the shower I was able to reach my back in my shoulder blade region which hasn’t been possible in recent years. I credit all of this to the intense core work we do and also the concentrated upper body focus we do in some of the sessions.  “On Thursday, Mary asked how I was staying in one spot while she was drifting, and I told her I guess my core was getting stronger.  I actually know it has. I have to say I live and breathe for Tuesday and Thursday mornings, to get a good workout and hear our music! Currently, while all the work is being done at our house, it is my escape!  “I also know my chiropractor and cardiologist approve of my attendance, so I guess you are stuck with me up front for some time to come!  “I have been — and continue to be — a ‘back of the class’ person in everything else I do. But being up front in the water helps me hear and see you as well as keep distraction behind me, since I know I am easily distracted! Thanks for all the work you put into this awesome class!  “Your biggest fan, Dottie”

The YMCA team is a big fan of Dottie for taking the time to send such heartfelt appreciation. We asked Dottie how she feels about being a “front of the class person” with Ali, and she said, “I’m still surprised I am up front, but it feels good to have moved from my comfort zone into deep water!”

Way to go, Dottie and Alison!

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