Meet Miguel Ramirez

Tell us about your philosophy about training and working out?

Training can be applied to the physical as well as the mental self. Honing one’s physical skills allows for cultivation of the mental skills, and the same is true the other way around. Working out is simply a medium for training one’s physical self.

Tell us about your approach to training others?

Training others involves building a relationship with them so that you can help them hone their physical skills. One of the most important things to be sure of is that both the trainer and trainee trust each other.

Describe any populations you particularly like to work with, have a lot of experience with or knowledge around. (i.e. cancer survivors, teens, marathon runners, etc.)

College-aged students, either inactive or previously active

What is your favorite exercise?

The barbell deadlift

What is one thing that makes you real? (i.e. what do you struggle with, what is hard for you, how can you relate to the non-fit/healthy member)

I struggle with disordered eating patterns. My appetite is absent for long periods of time, and when I do eat it might be not enough/too much. Training helps me control my hunger and gives structure to my eating.

Give us your own quote that you lead and/or live by?

Be like water

What is your availability to work with clients?

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday evenings & Saturday morning

How long have you been training clients?

New to having clients!

Besides your PT certification, do you have any other specialty certifications, and if so what?

None, almost done with my Bachelor’s for Kinesiology though

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