Meet Joel Recinos

Tell us about your philosophy about training and working out?

Fitness should be a compliment to your life, not the focus. Working out brings out the best of us and training your body as well as your heart will give us that advantage to conquer each day with a positive attitude.

Tell us about your approach to training others?

I absolutely love teaching others about health and wellness. I believe that every interaction I have with a member brings me the opportunity to share my knowledge therefore they can share it with someone else.

Describe any populations you particularly like to work with, have a lot of experience with or knowledge around. (i.e. cancer survivors, teens, marathon runners, etc.)

I enjoy training other guys who want to build muscle and get leaner. I was out of shape most of my teen and early 20’s along with a lower back injury which paused my fitness journey for a while. However, I decided to do my own research on corrective exercises along with strengthening my body which, over time, got me leaner and healed me inside and out!

What is your favorite exercise?

Sumo Deadlifts

What is one thing that makes you real? (i.e. what do you struggle with, what is hard for you, how can you relate to the non-fit/healthy member)

I injured my lower back a few years ago and that really set my fitness journey back a few years. During my recovery I had gained weight, mentally, I felt like I had failed myself and no matter what I tried to do, I just felt miserable.

Give us your own quote that you lead and/or live by?

As long as I educate you on a given exercise, properly, you’ll be able to apply it and teach it to someone else.

What is your availability to work with clients?

Monday, Wednesdays, and Fridays

How long have you been training clients?

3 Years

Besides your PT certification, do you have any other specialty certifications, and if so what?


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