Meet Chelsea Barbo

Tell us about your philosophy about training and working out?

Exercise can be whatever you want it to be. It can be therapy, stress relief, a road to aesthetic or health goals, a form of self-care, the list goes on. The beautiful thing about training is it doesn’t have to be cookie-cutter. It can be personalized to your goals and what makes you feel good. No two people will have the same body or the same goals, so why should their workout routine look the same?

Tell us about your approach to training others?

I do my best to really get to know my clients and try to pinpoint why they’re there with me. The why can be the thing that keeps them going when they feel discouraged, but it also helps me define their boundaries. I think pushing someone too hard is more detrimental than not enough. We can always do more, but overwhelming someone or making them feel burnt out could leave a bad taste in their mouth when it comes to training. Not everyone starts in the same place, so it’s important to me to meet my clients where they are and grow from there.

Describe any populations you particularly like to work with, have a lot of experience with or knowledge around. (i.e. cancer survivors, teens, marathon runners, etc.)

I find that women make up the majority of my clientele. Specifically, women without a whole lot of experience.

What is your favorite exercise?

I’d have to say the squat. There is something about being under a terrifying amount of weight and being able to squat it.

What is one thing that makes you real? (i.e. what do you struggle with, what is hard for you, how can you relate to the non-fit/healthy member)

FOOD. I LOVE FOOD. Nutrition is my favorite thing to learn about because I think it’s the thing I struggle with the most. Food has always been a safety blanket for me. Taking away that coping mechanism and replacing it with discipline is a long process, and something I’m still working on.

Give us your own quote that you lead and/or live by?

You choose your happiness. Every day we have the choice to have gratitude. It can be so difficult sometimes, but if we choose to have joy in life, it makes the little victories that much sweeter.

What is your availability to work with clients?

Tuesday and Thursday, any time after noon and Saturdays

How long have you been training clients?

I’ve been training clients for a little over a year

Besides your PT certification, do you have any other specialty certifications, and if so what?

Yes! I have a Corrective Exercise certification, a Training the Physique Athlete certification, and a Science of Nutrition certification

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