Letters from Bastrop Y: Kean H.


To quote the late Jerry Garcia, “what a long, strange trip it’s been.” During the last eight weeks of the shelter-in-place orders, this lyrical phrase keeps running through my mind.  My emotions vacillate between feelings of gratitude and acceptance to irritability and anxiousness. We are all trying to adapt to a “new normal,” while we navigate these murky waters of uncertainty about what lies ahead for our nations’ economy, our children’s education, our personal health. If I am not careful, a very unsettled feeling hovers in my heart. This is been compounded by the fact that I really miss my daily morning trip to Bob Bryant Park to the outdoor gym group YMCA classes. I miss the daily connections of seeing the familiar faces of the welcoming trainers and the smiles of other people that regularly participate with me in these morning classes. I am quickly realizing how much my morning workout helped me maintain a sense of peace, sleep better and get out the aggressions of daily life that tend to build up. Oh, how I miss that time! 

I have been feeling the frustrations of not having any change of scenery over the past two months. This has been difficult, while maintaining the usual workload of all mothers (like household chores, yard work, laundry, dishes, cooking) and now with the added obligation of homeschooling our kindergartner and second grader. As we sit at the table working through our virtual classroom slides with our packets in front of us, I often feel like I am the observer of a tennis game with my head snapping back-and-forth,  back-and-forth. Some days it goes well,  and I feel pretty pleased with our progress. Other days, I pray for grace and patience and try to cut myself some slack,  as well as them. These are uncharted waters. We have always known that our teachers do not get paid enough in this country, but I do not think that fact has ever been more evident than in the past eight weeks.  

Even though I often feel stuck in a bad rendition of the movie “Groundhog’s Day,” and now have a distorted sense of time, I have absolutely found many things for which to be grateful. My husband and I have been able to take a family walk or a family bike ride with our daughters every single night for the past eight weeks. We have had our nightly family dinner at a leisurely pace, without feeling rushed to get through homework, bath times and ready for bed. We have enjoyed watching movies as a family and snuggling and reading books more often than usual. I feel blessed to have this time to slow down without all the obligations that usually bombard our busy schedule. While I feel uncertain and anxious about what lies ahead for all of us, I do know this: the human spirit is very resilient. We are much stronger than we give ourselves credit for!

We WILL get through this… All of us…Together.



Kean H.

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