Keeping Man’s Best Friend Safe this Fourth of July


The days around the 4th of July are the busiest time for many shelters as scared dogs escape from their yards or owners. However, while many people are saddened by the news, dogs across the US are rejoicing over fireworks shows being cancelled. Even though many events aren’t taking place, and despite some county bans against fireworks, the loud noises will still be around this year as people take to the road-side stands and buy fireworks for at-home entertainment.

While this tradition is inevitable, it doesn’t have to be a traumatic time for your furry friend. Fireworks are the culprit of unnecessary anxiety in dogs but it doesn’t have to be that way! Check out the tips below to help keep your pup safe, secure, and happy this year.

  1. Keep your pets inside You may think your yard is secure, but the added stress on your dog may give him the extra energy needed to dig or climb his way out.
  2. Put on the TV or music Turn up the volume a little bit louder on the 4th to help drown out the outside noises.
  3. Exercise Keeping your dog active during the day will help tire them out by night. Go for a run, walk, or play fetch. Hopefully, he will sleep right through any noise!
  4. Give your dog their favorite treat or toy If dogs have something to keep them occupied, they may be less focused on what’s going on outside. Puzzle toys are always great or a long lasting chew.
  5. Ask your vet for advice Vets may have other suggestions to help keep your pets calm.


Jessica Weiss
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