How New Parents Can Manage Their Anxiety

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A certain amount of anxiety almost always comes with being a new parent. And if you’re not careful it can become more serious and maybe even have a negative effect on your children. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t do anything to manage and alleviate your own new-parent anxiety. Whether it is mild or major anxiety here is what can you do to manage the different causes of your anxieties and be the best parent you can be.

Become an Active Part of a Parenting Community

It takes a village to raise a child. This old adage is as true today as the day it was first said. Throughout the years of human evolution, parenting children is a duty that’s best accomplished with help from an active community. This is why it’s crucial to talk to fellow parents about your own worries and anxieties regarding child rearing. This is particularly true for new parents who have very little to zero experience with performing this duty to the best of their abilities. As you grow within your own experiences as a new parent, you will soon be able to impart practical advice for fellow new parents who have encountered similar problems and anxieties. Also part of this parenting community are your pediatrician, nutritionist, and other health experts who can help assure you that you’re on the right path. If your level of anxiety is at a point where it manifests as insomnia or other severe and lingering problems, consider talking to a therapist. Never forget that even in the time of lockdowns, your parenting community is just one video call away.

Better Debt Management and Debt Consolidation

Much of the anxiety from being a new parent stems from unspoken debts that parents need to incur in order to raise families. In one survey of 1,000 parents in the U.S., 67% of respondents said that they willingly incurred debt in order to pay for their children’s essentials, such as food, shoes, and clothes. Out of those surveyed, 69% admitted to keeping these debts a secret. Despite the secrecy, borrowing has become increasingly prevalent across the U.S. In fact, in a 160,000-person survey for why people take out personal loans, 38% reported using the money for debt consolidation. Those with staggering credit card bills have been taking this option as well. The reason for this is that debt consolidation simplifies debt payment by merging multiple balances into a single monthly payment. This is why it is a primary reason why people take out personal loans, along with expenses related to home improvement, moving and relocation, and vacations – all of which are also typical financial concerns for new parents. By simplifying the process of paying debts you are less likely to suffer financial anxiety. In short, not only is there no shame in incurring debts in order to provide for children, you can also manage your debt in ways that can alleviate some of the anxiety associated with family-related financing. If you feel your financial situation is getting out of control or you are unsure of how much to borrow do speak to a financial advisor.

Establish Your Children’s Routines

Having well-established routines not only helps children with general development, it can also create a calmer atmosphere in your household. Alongside teaching children healthy habits that they can bring into adulthood, routines help do some of the heavy-lifting in convincing your kids to eat during mealtime, sleep during bedtime, or concentrate during study time. The more children get familiar with household routines, the less overwhelmed they will be about certain tasks – the less anxiety triggers you need to face on a regular basis.

You Can Prevent Anxiety in Children

While it’s true that your parental anxiety can increase the risk of your own children developing anxiety down the line, this correlation is not exactly set in stone. Through frequent mental health check-ups with qualified therapists, being an active member of a parenting community, establishing healthy family routines, and other methods, you can keep your anxiety at a manageable level. And by doing your part to actively manage your anxiety, you can help prevent your children from having the same feelings. Understanding how you can prevent passing your anxiety onto your children, in itself, can alleviate new parent anxiety.

We hope the above tips have helped give new parents some useful guidance. Just remember you are never alone.


Andrea Swanson
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