Family Game: "I See..."


Here’s a fun and easy game to play at home, borrowed from our EAC Y afterschool curriculum! This game incorporates movement and voice, as well as assuming roles through imitation and recreation.

Begin the game by saying:

Today we are going to play a game kind of like “Simon says”, but what-ever I “see” should be what you do!

How to Play:

  1. The game begins with the Leader (an adult) saying: “I See!” and the children respond with “What do you see?”
  2. The Leader then tells the children what to pretend to do.
  3. The children will act out the idea until the staff says, “I see.”
  4. Children will then stop again and respond: “What do you see?”
  5. The game continues. You can assign a child to be the leader who “sees”.


“I see children hopping all around.” “I see a cowboy riding a horse.” “I see insects flying in the sky.”


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