Everybody Counts in the 2020 Census


1, 2, skip a few, 99, 100…

If only counting people living in the U.S. were that easy! Fortunately, the 2020 Census is making it a little easier this year with four ways for you to respond: online or by phone, mail, or in-person interview with a Census enumerator. Each of the four response methods is safe and secure, as required by law, and every Census worker, including the enumerators working door-to-door around the country, takes an oath to protect your personal information for life.

One of the most important things that Census data is used for is in allocating federal funding to local districts. $685B—yes, billion—in federal funding is distributed each year based in part on population and demographic information gathered through the Census. Bastrop stands to lose as much as $1,300 for every person not counted. An accurate Census count helps bring your federal tax dollars back to Bastrop COunty! Census data is also used to allot seats in the U.S. House of Representatives. After the 2010 Census, Texas gained four seats and is projected to gain another three to four seats after the 2020 Census.

Beyond the direct impact of Congressional representation and federal funding, Census results affect planning for infrastructure and transportation; healthcare; and education. Decisions will be made based on 2020 Census data that will have an impact on our community for generations to come—decisions about roads, hospitals, schools, and businesses that make our community such a great place to live and work.

Please visit 2020census.gov to fill out your Census questionnaire and be counted. We’re counting on you!


Jessica Weiss
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