Escape through Art


Humans have used art as a means to communicate, express themselves and heal for thousands of years. Notably, psychology professionals have used art therapy to address conditions that include stress and anxiety. While art therapy is a field all its own, there are plenty of self-guided activities that you can do to help ease your mind. Better yet, many can be done with modest supplies and are accessible for all regardless of age or artistic ability.

Color things brighter

Break out the pencils or crayons and get lost inside the lines. The internet is rife with free downloads that can be printed at home like this coloring sheet that we created for YMCA Camp Moody, or you can help support these artists with locally inspired offerings in the links below:

Find some zen in a pen

Meditative drawing is a great means to a relaxed mind-connection. The video tutorial below will have on your way in no time:

Shape things up

Sculpture can be one of the simplest artistic pursuits. Clay, kinetic sand and playdoughs are easy ways to get started. A quick internet search will reveal numerous recipes for diy versions of the squishy stuff. Embrace the sense of control and satisfaction of instant feedback as you form the medium into whatever shapes you can imagine. Put on some background music and work your model to the rhythm of the beat. Mix in some essential oils for extra relaxation power. Release anger and frustration as you smash your creation and start over.



John Bosco
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