Creative Elf on The Shelf Ideas

Love it or hate, Elf on the Shelf season is here for many of us. This holiday game is so fun for kids, but it can be tricky for the parents in charge of keeping the game going! If your family joins in on the Elf on the Shelf fun, we have some creative yet simple ideas in case you’ve run out of them.

Ice Cube Elf Fill some fun-shaped ice cube trays with water that’s been dyed red or green (or a mix of both). Once the water turns to ice, put the colored cubes in the bottom of your ice dispenser, or mix it in with your ice box. Leave your elf underneath the ice dispenser, as if he’s waiting for the ice to come out. Your kids will be shocked to see that he changed the shapes and colors of the ice cubes!

Pet-friendly Elf If your family has furry members, turn some of their everyday items into elf props. The elf could be staged to be taking dog treats (for Santa!), or he could give your pet’s kennel a Christmas makeover.

Dishwasher Elf Put your elf to work, or at least try to! Your elf might be caught filling the dishwasher soap tray with sprinkles!

Fruit Bowl Elf A banana is essentially an elf-sized hammock–try it for yourself! After all, he’s living the life on his vacation away from the North Pole. Add in a few elf-sized bites from an apple, and your daily setup is complete.

Plant Elf Hide your elf in a house plant, disguised in camo or anything else you can find.

“Gift-giving” Elf Wrap your TV or other silly household items and leave a note from your elf. We heard it was his first year on scout elf duty, so he must have missed the memo about presents!

Sleepy Elf If you have a guest room, make your elf at home! Complete with a do not disturb sign, an eye mask, and a little teddy bear.

If you want even more ideas, be sure to check out the official Elf on the Shelf website. We can’t wait to ask your kiddos what their scout elves are up to this year!



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