Celebrating the Contributions of Veterans

On Monday, Nov. 11, we celebrate Veteran’s Day, a federal holiday in the United States for honoring military veterans.  U.S. Veteran’s Day coincides with other holidays including Armistice Day and Remembrance Day which are celebrated in other countries to mark the anniversary of the end of World War I.

At the YMCA, we celebrate and give thanks for the veterans among our members, staff, and families. We appreciate their service as well as the deep experience and perspectives they bring to our community.

Ask at your local branch about Veteran’s Day hours and activities. At TownLake, the Y will hold a potluck and community celebration on Friday, Nov.  15, at 11am to give thanks for our veterans and volunteers. Click here for more information and to volunteer to bring a dish. 


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Dripping Springs branch Associate Executive Director Heather Marchant found a great blog post from our colleagues at the Capital District YMCA in Washington D.C., sharing ideas for “How to Honor Veterans Day with your Child.”

Veteran’s Day “is a great opportunity to teach your children about our history and the sacrifice and dedication of our veterans,” the Capital District Y team wrote. “There are simple, creative, and fun ways to celebrate and educate your children.” Some of their suggestions include:

Write ‘Thank You’ Cards

Whether they’re for someone you know, or for veterans worldwide, have them say thank you. Hand-written cards go a long way.

Take Kids to Meet a Veteran

Having your child meet a veteran in person will make the holiday a little more meaningful. It’s easier to understand a complex situation when you can visualize it. Once they see a veteran who actually served our country, it will help them understand the importance of their roles. Contact your local V.A. or ask to talk to Y staff who are veterans.

Create a Timeline of Events Using People They Know

Teaching history, especially military history, to a younger child can be a huge undertaking. If you have friends or family who served in the military, use them as an example. Add a photo of your grandparents and great-grandparents to past wars, leading up to their uncle who is currently overseas.

Click here for all of the suggestions from Capital District YMCA.

Veterans, thank you so much for your service and contributions to our YMCA mission of Strengthening Community For All! – the Y team


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