Campfire Cooking: 3 Spins on S'mores


Ah, s’mores. The fireside favorite beloved by kids and grownups alike. Start with a square of chocolate and graham cracker, and sandwich between it a freshly toasted marshmallow. You really can’t go wrong.

But where you go from there is full of possibilities! In our continuing series on campfire cooking comes this installment bringing you three spins on the classic campfire treat.

In keeping with YMCA Camp Moody’s commitment to accessibility, these recipes are accessible in three ways:

  • Financial – all ingredients are affordable and serve many people
  • Geographic – all ingredients are readily available at most H-E-B stores
  • Physical – only basic cooking skills and equipment are needed

Shopping List:

  • 1 box 14.4oz H-E-B Honey Grahams graham crackers
  • 1 package 12oz Kraft Jet-Puffed marshmallows
  • 3 bars 1.55oz Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Candy Bar
  • For the Sweet & Salty S’more – 1 bag 1.13oz Lay’s Classic Potato Chips
  • For the Sweet & Spicy S’more –  ½ oz Ancho Chile powder
  • For the Fluffernutter S’more – 1 Jar 18oz H-E-B Select Ingredients Texas Peanut Butter


Sweet & Salty S’moreIn this first spin, place a square of chocolate atop half a graham cracker. Toast your marshmallow to your preferred degree of burnt, and slide it onto the waiting chocolate and graham.

Now, deviate from your traditional s’more by crunching up some thinly sliced potato chips and crumbling them into the marshmallow. You may find that the ooey-gooier the marshmallow, the better the chips adhere to your snack.

Top your s’more off with the other half of graham cracker, and enjoy!

Sweet & Spicy S’moreIf you’re ready to take an adventurous spin on s’mores, you’ll want to try this sweet & spicy variety. Start with the traditional foundation of the s’more: place a square of chocolate atop half a graham cracker, and slide a freshly toasted marshmallow in place.

 Sprinkle a pinch of ancho chile powder into the melted marshmallow for a delightful zing that is energizing and surprising! Sandwich your s’more with the other half of graham cracker. Mmmm! Brings the heat!

Fluffernutter S’moreIn this final spin on the classic, skip the chocolate and instead, slather half a graham cracker with your favorite peanut butter spread. Squish the toasted marshmallow into the peanut butter, and top it with the other half of graham cracker. 


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