Bastrop Kindness Rocks Project

Last year, little painted rocks began to show up all over the city of Bastrop. Some were big, some were small, but all of them were painted and placed for one purpose, to make people smile. Over the course of a year many more rocks have been painted and placed, all of them with the purpose of creating kindness.

The Kindness Rocks Project was started on a beach many years ago when a woman named Megan Murphy took a sharpie and started writing words of inspiration on rocks she picked up then leaving them there for other beach goers to find. Since then the idea has taken hold in the minds of millions and spread all over the nation. Nationwide colorful rocks are hidden and left in hopes that they will be found by someone who needs a sign, or a little bit of support, or just a small act of kindness to show them that they can keep going and it’s all going to be ok. The kindness rocks motto became “One message at just the right moment can change someone’s entire day, outlook, life.” and those words ring true.

In Bastrop, across from the Bastrop YMCAs main office, there is a garden built for the community. In this garden there’s a box of painted rocks ready and waiting to be taken out into the community by someone who needs them or someone who wants to share them. Anyone is welcome to take a rock, leave a rock, or just spend some time looking through them. Every Wednesday the Bastrop YMCA holds rock painting sessions where anyone is free to bring in a rock they want to paint and the Y will provide the painting materials. When the rocks are finished, they can be left in the garden or taken out into the community.

If you would like to learn more about the kindness rocks project, you can visit for more information on the origins and where the project is now.



Rebekah Bond
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