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When it became clear that masks were crucial to preventing the spread of COVID-19, the employees of Austin Lighthouse for the Blind knew they could help. A team that usually works on safety vests began sewing masks to donate to local nonprofits. Austin Lighthouse recently gave 50 of the masks for staff of the TownLake YMCA.

“We wanted to use our resources to help the community,” said Benjamin Lombardo of Austin Lighthouse. “We support each other in times of need.”

The masks are made of broad cloth material, with accordion-style pleats and colorful, humorous and uplifting designs, Lombardo said. Austin Lighthouse for the Blind is continuing to manufacture masks for the community, dedicating a full department to the work.

“Austin Lighthouse, thank you for looking out for nonprofits in your community and helping everyone to stay safe and healthy,” said Jude Hickey, an associate executive director at the TownLake. “Y’all are doing the good work! And these masks are so cute!”

Founded in 1934, the Austin Lighthouse for the Blind is a service-oriented 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that offers education, training, advocacy and community for blind and visually-impaired individuals in Travis County and surrounding areas.

Its mission is to assist people, often those who become blind in adulthood, in building or restoring their independence through skills training, education and employment opportunities that encourages them to be gainfully employed, become involved in their local community, and give voice to blind and visually-impaired Texans.

YMCA members are now required to bring their own masks to the Y. Please click here for more information for your Y visit, including the details of our mask policy and COVID-19 safety precautions.

If you need a mask, here are some places you can get them:


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