5 Ways to Make Family Walks Fun

Taking walks as a family is a good way to get your body moving and spending time outdoors and out of the house. These walks can also help with family bonding and time to have conversations away from distractions. Here are some different things that you can include in your walks to help keep the family engaged and having fun.

Senses Nature Walk

Go through your walk and discuss what your five senses are: Touch, Smell, Sight, Hear and Taste. Then as you’re walking, spot something in nature and go through if you can use all your senses to identify it. Most items will fall under 2 or 3 senses, challenge your children to find something that applies to all 5 senses while on your walk.

Treasure Map Walk

This takes a little preparation beforehand but nothing too difficult. Make a list of things that your children can look for during the walk. For example a red car, a heart-shaped rock, 2 dogs. Get as creative as you want and try to put in some tricky ones to make sure they’re paying attention.

Animal Walk

This is a fun way to get some silliness and creativity out with the kiddos. Take turns and pick an animal that they are going to walk like. Give them a set distance, for these 2 house lengths or from this pole to that yard sign. They can be as simple as hopping like bunnies or running like an ostrich. If they don’t know how a certain animal moves, tell them to move how they think they would move and tell them they can be as silly as they want.

Alphabet Walk

Have children practice letter recognition and spotting things during the walk. Try to go through the whole alphabet, if you can’t find something that starts with that letter, brainstorm together something that does start with that letter that you with you could see on your walk. This helps children be aware of their surroundings and get creative about the things they regularly see.

Directional Walk

This helps with listening skills and awareness of body. There will be 4 different “directions” that they can move in; North: jump up and down, East: side shuffle (either side), South: walk backwards (make sure path is clear before giving this direction), West: grapevine or side-skipping. Start by everyone walking normally and give a direction and have them do that motion for about 30 secs then move on to the next one. You can switch out the movements done for each direction to make it easier or more challenging for your family.

These are just some suggestions that have helped spruce up our evening walks and we hope you can incorporate with your family. Let us know if you try them out or if there are any fun ways that you have included in your walks to make them more fun for the whole family.

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