4 Tips for Setting Up a Productive Homework Space for Your Child

Does your child have trouble keeping up with school assignments or meeting deadlines for turning in work? It could be that a better homework space will solve the problem. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when establishing a homework space.

Set a routine

Find out when your child will be able to concentrate best and make that the regular timeslot for taking on homework. Maybe that’s as soon as your child gets home, so he or she knows it’s done and can move on to other activities for the day. Perhaps he or she needs a snack first and a chance to unwind. Just be sure your child turns his or her attention to studying when the time comes.

Choose the space for the child

Different kids need different environments for concentration. Some like the peace and quiet of a separate space, while others need a bit of activity around—or a supervising adult—in order to stay motivated. Identify a space that will work for your child, and keep in mind that just about any space can become a homework station: the breakfast table, a family room nook, a desk in a bedroom, or even a converted closet.

Make it inviting

Be sure to make the space comfortable and pleasant to work in. Use pillows and cushions for seating. Consider the lighting at different times of day and for different activities, like reading or assembling a project. Use color to personalize and brighten the space.

Keep it organized

Staying organized is so much easier when everything has a place. Use bins, baskets and a bulletin board to keep the space tidy. Add a clock and a calendar to help your child keep track of deadlines and time spent studying. Stock the space with plenty of supplies, so your child has no reason to procrastinate: pencils and pens, crayons and markers, scissors, tape, a stapler, a dictionary, and a thesaurus will all come in handy.

Best of luck for a successful new school year!


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