4 Steps for Creating Intentional Vision Boards

Vision boards aren’t just fun craft projects. They provide an opportunity for parents and kids to work together to talk about what’s most important in life. Creating them pulls into focus not only hopes and dreams for the future, but activates a strong intention to work toward new goals, and keep going in areas that are flourishing. During the process of searching for images, cutting them out, and pasting them on a board, kids and adults alike start to understand what brings about joy, hope, excitement, and purpose.

Gather Materials

Depending on your style, you can choose virtually any materials to get started. Don’t have a poster board or foam board? Just cut a panel out of an old cardboard box. You can paint the cardboard, cover it with paper, or leave “as is.” Most likely, it will be covered from top to bottom in images and words. Next, gather your favorite adhesives (glue sticks, glue tabs, tape), some scissors and anything else you’d like to use including markers or stickers.

For the images and words that will become the heart of your vision board, use old magazines and newspapers, or print out images you find online. If you’re low on magazine options, get in touch with your doctor or dentist offices and see if you can take some out-of-date publications off their hands. You can also purchase used magazines at Recycled Reads and Half Price Books. For crafty embellishments and other craft supplies, visit Austin Creative Reuse.

Set the Stage

Decide what sort of vision boarding experience you’d like to have. Will it be calm, bonding, explorative, inspiring, fun, emotional or productive? What would you like to take away from the experience? Do you want vision boarding to be a personal one-to-one experience between parent and child? What about replacing a family game night with vision boarding? Or how about creating a vision board party for your teens? Finally, maybe you just want to take some time alone to contemplate and create. The possibilities are endless!


This is where your imagination is unleashed! Once you have your materials and you’ve decided on your setting, it’s time to get started. Look through the sources of your images and words and, without thinking too much, begin cutting out things you like. It could be a physical object like a house; a place like a beach; an activity like traveling; or something evoking feelings of accomplishment, good health, prosperity or love. You may also prepare a list beforehand of the sentiments and goals you’d like to include on your vision board. But don’t feel compelled to stick to your list completely. Let yourself find new inspirations within the process. You might be surprised as to where your heart leads you!


Once your vision board is complete, it’s important to display it in a place you see every day. This could be over your desk, on the inside of your front door or next to your bathroom mirror. Some people take a picture of their vision boards and use the image as wallpaper on their phones. This helps to keep priorities in front of your mind, so you are more likely to take steps to reach your goals. But even more importantly, it reconnects you to what you value in life and helps to keep things in perspective. For kids, in particular, visual reminders are powerful. When we can see our possible futures come to life, we find ourselves better ready to dream big, express gratitude, create plans and make them happen.


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Jennifer HIll Robenalt is the editor of Austin Family Magazine.


Jennifer Hill Robenalt
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