4 Spooky, Fun Halloween Crafts for Kids

By: Dezmond D. Nation

With Halloween quickly approaching, it is never too early to begin creating some fun seasonal crafts to celebrate the upcoming holiday. Fostering creativity helps children to develop emotionally, mentally, and socially. Creating art together can boost their ability to analyze and problem solve and can also assist in improving their fine motor skills. So, look no further because we here at the Y have quite a few crafts in mind that will surely serve as the recipe for a spooky, fun day!

Halloween Cookie Cutouts

After a delicious lunch is served, try your hands at making Halloween-themed cookies using cutouts. Cutouts can be purchased at your local grocery store and can take the form of bats, pumpkins and ghosts just to name a seasonal few. Ingredients for these spooky cookies are traditional to that of regular cookies. Be sure to purchase butter, eggs, vanilla extract, flour, baking powder and salt. To make the cutouts come to life, purchase some colored frosting or whip up a batch of easy royal icing.  I would recommend using traditional Halloween colors such as: orange, black, white and even purple. After creating the cutout cookies with your kids, it is time to carefully place them inside a warm 350 degree oven. The baking process for the cookies should take approximately 10 minutes; however, make sure the cookies have a crisp brown texture before finally taking them out. Allow time for the delicious treats to cool off and enjoy making your spooky characters come to life with frosting and the help of your children.

Spider Web Decorations

When it comes to Halloween decor, there is no such thing as too many decorations. My roommate of 3-years now is really big on Halloween. Now that we reside in an apartment as opposed to a dorm, he now has the freedom to decorate our place however he pleases. One of the most creative decorations I have watched him create is spider webs made out of yarn and paper plates. The first step to creating these spider webs includes purchasing a black paper plate. The next step is to wrap the paper plate with white yarn and tie it all together at the back. The third and final step is either drawing or buying a small size stuffed spider to stick onto the plate using tape preferably. These spider webs are best if made with your children and placed inside of your home as opposed to outside.

Creating Jack-O’-Lanterns

Nothing screams Halloween more than a carved pumpkin. Creating jack-o’-lanterns is a fun activity that when done in a group setting is even more enjoyable. The first step to create a jack-o’-lantern is to carefully open the top of a pumpkin with a knife (parental advisory suggested) and then, using a spoon, remove the seeds and some of the flesh from the pumpkin. The next step is where the fun begins! To make your pumpkin unique, draw an outline of a face using a marker. After your child has drawn on the pumpkin, parents take a knife and carefully cut out the facial features drawn on the pumpkin. Lastly, place a tea light inside the pumpkin and you now have yourself a Halloween specialty.

Halloween Themed Coloring Books

After baking delicious spooky themed treats and creating decorations, relax at the family table and enjoy adding your colorful creative twist to a coloring book. Crayola™ offers free seasonal Halloween coloring pages on their website. On an internet connected device, type in the following link: https://www.crayola.com/free-coloring-pages/holidays/halloweeen-coloring-pages/

In the search box, type ‘Halloween’ and select from an array of choices on the results page. Once you find the perfect coloring page select print and enjoy.

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