10 Quick and Easy Post-YMCA Workout Meals

There are many great classes and at the YMCA of Austin that will get your heart rate racing and your muscles moving. It is important to make sure that you are recovering from those workouts properly. You can do that through a post-workout meal. These meals help restore the energy and broken-down muscles you used during your workout so you can quickly adapt to the exercises you are doing!  Here are 10 examples of quality post-workout meals and snacks that are quick and easy to make.

1. Steel Cut or Rolled Oatmeal, Plain Yogurt, and Fruit

The oatmeal can be microwaved in about 5 minutes. Add in some plain yogurt and fruit for a tasty sweet treat with a complete protein and a low glycemic index.

2. Chicken, Sweet Potato & Broccoli

Cube up the chicken and start cooking in a non-stick skillet with a little bit of olive oil. Add your favorite seasoning or a little salt and pepper. Stir as necessary until fully cooked on all sides. While the chicken is cooking, cube the sweet potato and chop the broccoli. Microwave them a bowl with a wet paper towel on top for 3-4 minutes. Add to the fully cooked chicken to the bowl and done in less than 10 minutes!

3.  Greek Yogurt and Fruit

If time is a concern, go for a simple snack like plain greek yogurt with some added fruit. It will have your complete protein from the dairy and you can switch up the fruit for variety. This snack goes great after a pilates class.

4. Tuna Sandwich

Sandwiches are a great and easy way to get your post-workout needs in a compact bite. A couple of slices of whole wheat bread, tuna (or other lunch meat), some olive oil or avocado, lemon, and a slice of tomato and/or lettuce.

5. Wraps

Change up your carbohydrate by taking the same ingredients in those sandwiches and substitute the bread for a whole grain tortilla.

6. Hummus & Pita

The tahini plus garbanzo beans make for a complete protein and with the pita bread, you have a great post-workout snack in less than a minute.

7. Nut Butter & Fruit

Something as easy a ripe banana and a bit of almond butter will give you the right carbohydrates and healthy fats you want after a good BODYPUMP class!

8. Chocolate Milk

The age-old chocolate milk is a great suggestion for those that can tolerate dairy. The 4:1 ratio of carbohydrate to protein in an easy to drink container is great. The only problem I run into is portion control. Make sure to count your calories on the nutrition label!

9. Protein Shake

Sometimes the easiest way to get down a meal post-workout is in liquid form. Using dairy as your whole protein you can add various fruits and leafy greens to up the carbohydrate count for a proper post-workout meal. The one I use a lot is simply a cup of Kefir, a whole banana, and a handful of strawberries and spinach thrown in a blender for 30 seconds. This would be great after a cycling class!

10. Cheese and Apple

When it comes down to the easiest snack I think this one takes the cake. The whole protein in dairy and the carbs from an apple can suit those post-workout needs in the simplest of ways.

If you would like extra help getting your diet and nutrition to support your active lifestyle or wellness goals, consider setting up a nutrition consultation with me! You can learn more here about other healthy meals!


About Shane

Shane received his B.S. degree in Nutrition from Texas State University. He has worked in various nutrition fields over the past decade, including teen, geriatric, community, food service, medical, holistic, and sports nutrition. He applies this knowledge base in easy-to-understand lessons to help you reach your goals through evidence-based nutrition education. 

He currently specializes in endurance sports nutrition and has worked with beginners all the way up to professional cyclists, runners, triathletes, ultra cyclists, and ultra runners. Whether you are trying to modify your body composition, change your eating habits, or train for a race, Shane will work with you 1-on-1 to make sure you have the knowledge and skillset to achieve the new you!

Currently serves at the East Communities YMCA.

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