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Hays Communities YMCA board member Amanda Rickman grew up in Kyle and has committed to serving this community of neighbors. She became a Y member back in 2011 just before her wedding, and she joined because her sister was a member and they both wanted a workout partner.

When I joined the Y, I was facing down a personal abyss of midlife disappointment, the kind that precludes sleep with incessant self-judgement. I was ready to try something, anything new. So I took a chance.

Congratulations to Mozell Stephen, one of our most recent Super Member All-Star Highlight (aka SMASHers) here at East Communities!

At 71 years old, Mozell says she is, “healthy and feeling amazing!”

She has been a Y member for 8 years, and she’s been doing BodyPump for 4 ½ years.

Barbara (left) & Sam, Personal Trainer (right)Congratulations to Barbara Chenoweth, one of our most recent Super Member All-Star Highlight (aka SMASHers) here at East Communities!

I learned to polka dance at age two and first started taking dance lessons in my hometown, Waukegan, Illinois. Whether it was jumping into a pile of leaves from my swing or building snow people in a blizzard, I have always been physically active.

It’s 2pm on Thursday, August 10, 2017 at our 1112 Main Street Office. I have scheduled to meet with Nola Linn, one of our loyal volunteers to pick her brain on why she is so committed to the Bastrop YMCA.

Clarence Wilson is a fitness staff member at the East Communities Y and has been a member here for almost 10 years. In his free time, he trains for body building competitions.

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Joe Jackson has been a member of the TownLake Y since 1973. Prior to signing up for a membership at the TownLake Y, Joe’s mom first signed him up for a membership at the Wichita Falls YMCA in 1950 when he was in 7th grade in efforts to brighten his future with the Y’s program offerings.