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There’s a simple pleasure in turning away from distractions, going outdoors, and devoting your full attention to all the sensations of the present moment. On Saturday, December 1, families gathered at YMCA Camp Moody to experience this immersion, known as shinrin-yoku, or forest bathing, together.

Get outside more. Go for a walk. Advice that’s been handed down from mothers to their children since time immemorial, and perennial resolutions for many a new year. Our instincts tell us it’s right and our hearts compel us again and again toward the outdoors.

Impact Series: Life at the Y

This past weekend we showcased the programs available to families through the Program Services branch during our annual Y at the Park: Family Play Day. Thanks to our friends at H-E-B Partners we were able to provide families with engaging activities and plenty of fun for children of all ages.

You will boost your mood.

  • Exercise has been proven to help with depression and anxiety. Why deny it? If it works, then give it a shot. You are not yourself when you are down, and those around you will seek to be in your company even more if you’re working on your happiness.

Goals will become more attainable.

by Sherida Mock

First day of spring break? Easy! Just do all the things you’ve been saving up to do: sleep in, make a big breakfast, do the warm weather clothes shopping for shorts, swimsuits and sandals. Day 2, not so bad: take the kids to lunch, play in the park and maybe convince them to clean their rooms. Day 3? Out of ideas. Help!