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Learn about five home plants that help you breathe easier

Spring has arrived in Austin—and along with it—the pollen. Millions of Ashe Juniper trees are creating thousands of runny noses and puffy eyes. Count yourself as one of the lucky ones if you aren’t among the many who suffer from “cedar fever” this time of year.

Get the recipes for yummy s'mores made three ways!


Ah, s’mores. The fireside favorite beloved by kids and grownups alike. Start with a square of chocolate and graham cracker, and sandwich between it a freshly toasted marshmallow. You really can’t go wrong.

Get outside more. Go for a walk. Advice that’s been handed down from mothers to their children since time immemorial, and perennial resolutions for many a new year. Our instincts tell us it’s right and our hearts compel us again and again toward the outdoors.

February’s Featured Class:

We’ve got a lot of amazing exercise classes here at East Communities (more than 60 every week!). That’s a lot to keep track of!

Bastrop, Texas is a beloved town that has continuously grown since 1832, and in all that time has never had a woman serving as Mayor. Until now. 

Mayor Connie Schroeder took office in 2017 and has made it her mission to ensure Bastrop is healthy and prospering. We reached out to our Mayor to discuss her experiences and thoughts on how she sees the Bastrop YMCA contributing to our community.