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April showers bring May flowers, but we all know those showers sometimes linger through the late spring. It can be tough to keep restless toddlers entertained indoors. That’s why we’ve rounded up four fabulous rainy day activities for your toddler that are sure to brighten the gloomiest day!

Cardboard Box Play

Learn 5 ways volunteering can enhance a teen's life.

Summer is the perfect time for teens to put their out-of-school hours to work, and no matter the organization or time commitment, volunteering is a great way for teens to grow and learn. So whether it’s a one-time stint or an ongoing gig, if your teen is staring down a long summer of boredom, encourage him or her to volunteer.

Austin Bats under Congress Avenue Bridge

There’s something about this time of year that puts a spring in your step and gives you a little extra energy. It could be the arrival of daylight savings time, the warming temperatures or knowing you still have a bit of time before summer heat throttles outside activities. So don’t wait till the air gets too hot and the mosquitos too thick.

Learn about five home plants that help you breathe easier

Spring has arrived in Austin—and along with it—the pollen. Millions of Ashe Juniper trees are creating thousands of runny noses and puffy eyes. Count yourself as one of the lucky ones if you aren’t among the many who suffer from “cedar fever” this time of year.

You probably know that yoga is a great way to move your body and relax your mind. But did you know that it’s a great outlet for kids, too? Today we’ll tell you about the benefits of yoga for your kids, and give you plenty of resources to help your little ones start their practice.

Benefits of Yoga for Kids

As the days warm up and get a little longer, March is a great time to get out and experience Austin as a family. Kids will enjoy this roundup of area events, and parents will love the price of admission!

Check out a few talking points to keep Valentine's Day conversation positive and fun with your child this February.

Welcome to February: the month of Valentine’s Day and the season of love. You might be filling out valentines for the class party or baking heart-shaped cookies alongside your child, so it’s a great opportunity to launch a chat about healthy relationships. Here are a few talking points to keep the conversation positive and on track.               

Get the recipes for yummy s'mores made three ways!


Ah, s’mores. The fireside favorite beloved by kids and grownups alike. Start with a square of chocolate and graham cracker, and sandwich between it a freshly toasted marshmallow. You really can’t go wrong.

A well-executed timeout can quickly and simply put the chill on your toddler’s meltdown. But there’s a trick to getting the most out of an effective timeout, and it starts with shedding an outdated notion. Timeouts work best when delivered not as a punishment, but as a chance for your toddler to calm down and practice self-control. 

With the New Year well underway, parents are returning to work and kids are returning to daycare and school. However, the transition from holiday fun back to the daily grind isn’t always easy. The reality of the looming winter ahead without having the holidays to look forward to may leave your kids dealing with the post-holiday blues.