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Last year, little painted rocks began to show up all over the city of Bastrop. Some were big, some were small, but all of them were painted and placed for one purpose, to make people smile.

As you prepare your gift lists for the holidays, consider supporting your local community through charities and by buying from small, local businesses. Choices like this put your dollars right back into the place you live and help keep local economies thriving.

Texas is big in land and heart. We can't wait to see how (and what!) you give this season! 

Give Texas-Made Gifts

With the holidays approaching, many families are gearing up to travel near and far. No matter where you're headed, or how long it takes to get there, we've compiled our favorite travel tips right here so you can be confident, stay sane, and enjoy the journey!

As you visit with family members both near and far in these last days of the year, now is the perfect time to chat about your family’s health history. Collecting and organizing this information can be critical to the health care of you and your children.

Who to Talk To

The holiday season is a great time to reflect on blessings and give back to our community. And getting our children involved can help strengthen family bonds, reinforce family values and provide lessons in caring. With that in mind, here are some ways the whole family can lend a helping hand.

With a new season finally here, we wanted to share some autumn-themed crafts that your toddler will love. These festive activities bring fun twists to everyday crafts, and will allow your toddler to embrace fall.

Fall Leaf Potato Stamp

As the Texas heat becomes a memory and fall weather sets in, October is a great time to get outside and enjoy nature with a family hike. Perfect for all ages, hiking can be as gentle or as challenging as your group wants to make it. Just pick a destination, pack some gear and hit the trail!

Choose Your Path

Most people already know that ample hydration in summer’s heat is important, but continuing to drink enough water when the weather cools off is a different story. Beyond drinking enough water, it is important to remain actionable toward keeping our water supplies clean as the Fall moves in and the summer exits.

Last year, to celebrate our 20th anniversary, the LIVESTRONG Foundation launched a brand new event - the LIVESTRONG Honor 5K and 10K in downtown Austin. More than 1200 runners and walkers joined us for this inaugural event and helped raise over $68,000 to fund programs and services for cancer patients and their families.