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Y member Jane Hayman is a testament to what many personal training clients know: One-on-one support can transform not just your body but your life. 

Hayman was preparing for a trip to Africa last year and had a goal to see a particular group of gorillas in the wild in Rwanda.

Congratulations to Katie O’Neil, our most recent Super Member All-Star Highlight (aka SMASHer) here at East Communities! 

The YMCA of Austin is very pleased to welcome Juan Ybarra, new aquatics director for the TownLake branch. Juan comes to Austin from El Paso, where he served for almost six years in the aquatics department of the El Paso Y. His official first day at TownLake is Saturday, May 18, 2019. Please help us welcome him. Juan writes:

Hello Team,

Hey there! I’m Bridget Thomas, the Health and Wellness Director at the East Communities Branch. I wanted to shine a spotlight on one of our new, value-added (AKA free for Y members!) classes that we recently added to our group exercise schedule.

Austin Bats under Congress Avenue Bridge

There’s something about this time of year that puts a spring in your step and gives you a little extra energy. It could be the arrival of daylight savings time, the warming temperatures or knowing you still have a bit of time before summer heat throttles outside activities. So don’t wait till the air gets too hot and the mosquitos too thick.

Learn about five home plants that help you breathe easier

Spring has arrived in Austin—and along with it—the pollen. Millions of Ashe Juniper trees are creating thousands of runny noses and puffy eyes. Count yourself as one of the lucky ones if you aren’t among the many who suffer from “cedar fever” this time of year.

Tyler Wagner, a YMCA intern, recently tried Zumba Gold for the first time. He was smiling so big when he emerged from the gym that we asked him to write about his experience.

Tyler titled it: Zumba Gold: A First-Timer's Testimonial

We’re shining a spotlight on one of our specialty fitness classes, Women with Weights!

Playwright and performer Florinda Bryant first joined the YMCA seven years ago, and we love seeing her at her home branch of East Communities and around the community. She recently debuted a powerful new theatrical work, Black Do Crack, an exploration of the mythology of the strong black woman.

Hays Communities YMCA member Cheyenne Bell recently spoke to a group of donors and volunteers where she spoke about finding the strength to endure pain – to allow it the space it needs to exist while also finding ways to heal.