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There’s a simple pleasure in turning away from distractions, going outdoors, and devoting your full attention to all the sensations of the present moment. On Saturday, December 1, families gathered at YMCA Camp Moody to experience this immersion, known as shinrin-yoku, or forest bathing, together.

Get outside more. Go for a walk. Advice that’s been handed down from mothers to their children since time immemorial, and perennial resolutions for many a new year. Our instincts tell us it’s right and our hearts compel us again and again toward the outdoors.

Here at the YMCA, personal training is about body, mind, and spirit. At Y branches around Central Texas, our members and trainers develop strong relationships that support members' goals. We love spotlighting those relationships and accomplishments.


By Rebekah Manley of the Brave Tutu blog:

I circled the packed YMCA parking lot. My anxious pre-yoga pep talk did not go well: “I’m not going to get a spot and I’ll be late for class. There might not be room for me. Even if there is, I don’t want to be that person.”

‘Tis the season for potlucks and holiday parties. Celebrate the healthy way this year and be the potluck hero when you provide this nutritious alternative to the traditional fare. It’s easy to make, and the portions are scalable to feed many people or only a few. Your fellow partygoers will thank you for bringing this tasty treat! 

What drives a person to run a marathon? While I’ve always admired the determination and discipline in people who take on the challenge, I’m curious what motivates them to do it in the first place.

As you visit with family members both near and far in these last days of the year, now is the perfect time to chat about your family’s health history. Collecting and organizing this information can be critical to the health care of you and your children.

Who to Talk To

The weather is changing and the holiday season is here. Sometimes this is a time of great joy -- falling leaves, cool air, and time off from work to spending cooking, eating, and relaxing with family. Other times, the cold and dark of autumn mean a sadder mood, and the holidays bring up feelings of loss and loneliness.

After much anticipation, TownLake's Deep Water Aqua Cardio is back! Please welcome our newest instructor, Nate B! He is replacing Ali B, who recently retired from teaching. The deep water class (Tu/Th NEW TIME 11am-12pm) has a devoted following, and the Y is very happy to welcome Nate as he takes over the class.