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It’s the most wonderful time of the year! There’s lots of things going and room for heart growing with holiday cheer. Join your YMCA friends for a December to remember. This month is packed full of family-friendly events and celebrations for all ages to enjoy. Stop by one or all of your favorite events during the holiday season.

It’s finally fall, y’all! We’re putting away the pool floats and flip flops and embracing pumpkin spice and everything nice. Speaking of nice– the YMCA of Austin is hosting Halloween happenings throughout October for the whole family to enjoy to for free or at a budget-friendly cost! Clear your weekend calendars and stop by one (or all) of our 5 frighteningly fun events happening across the Austin area!


It’s a new school year, and the kids only keep on getting bigger. They come home famished, and we want to make sure that our children aren’t starving. Healthy snack options are a great idea to tide the little rascals over and make sure the fridge is not empty before dinner time. With the right snack choices, you set them up for healthier eating habits that can stick with them for the rest of their life.

There are many great classes and at the YMCA that will get your heart rate racing and your muscles moving. It is important to make sure that you are recovering from those workouts properly. You can do that through a post-workout meal. These meals help restore the energy and broken-down muscles you used during your workout so you can quickly adapt to the exercises you are doing!

By Shane, Nutritionist at East Communities YMCA

Many people come to the YMCA thinking that the best way to be healthy is to just start exercising and watch those pounds melt off. While exercising is helpful and part of a healthy lifestyle, managing your caloric intake is even more important if your goal is to shed off a couple of those unwanted pounds.

Not Working: It Works!

An Experiment in Improving Health & Productivity Through Taking Breaks

“Have you been doing any stretches or yoga?” My massage therapist asked me for the 20th time, in his soothing massage therapist voice.


Everyone seems to have something they listen to that motivates them to keep going and push harder when they are working out. Something that allows them to focus while their mind and body are complaining about how tired, sore, or bored they are.

You will boost your mood.

  • Exercise has been proven to help with depression and anxiety. Why deny it? If it works, then give it a shot. You are not yourself when you are down, and those around you will seek to be in your company even more if you’re working on your happiness.

Goals will become more attainable.

Written by: Deborah Turner-Mack

Social Media Secretary North Austin Community Garden

After all this wonderful rain, several garden beds have become overrun with ants. YUCK! It’s hard to harvest your yummy veggies, when you’re battling ants. Whether you are fighting ants in the kitchen or in the garden bed, this simple three-ingredient organic recipe will help you combat those pesky pests.